Mau laptop buat main Battlefield 3? Razer is at your service

Sudah kenal dong dengan yang satu ini?

Page Facebook Battlefield 3 baru saja meng-iklankan sebuah laptop dari Razer bagi kalian yang ingin memainkan Battlefield 3: Razer Switchblade. Bagi kalian yang sering baca StoPlayinGame (ataupun berita game/gadget lain, ini hal yang cukup umum) ,tentu sudah kenal dong dengan Switchblade? Mengutip langsung dari page yang bersangkutan,

Battlefield and Razer are proud to introduce the world’s first true gaming laptop. The Razer Blade features true portability, incredible performance, and a revolutionary user interface. Razer has teamed up with NVIDIA and Intel to create a laptop that can play next-gen games at 1080p on a 17-inch screen, while weighing under 7 pounds, and being 0.88 inches thin.

The Switchblade UI puts your hotkeys, macros, and skills on 10 adaptive tactile keys with a matching icon. Beneath that, an ultra-sensitive LCD touch panel displays in-game info such as quests and chat messages – or it can be used as a multi-touch track pad if you want to leave your Razer mouse at home. Check it out at

Site akan membawa Anda ke website Razer. Dan berdasarkan komentar di page Facebook tersebut, Razer Switchblade akan diberi harga $2800— Gila kali, mending ngerakit PC!!!


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    Skidrow said,

    Astaga overpriced banget nih laptop,

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