It’s been long overdue but what the heck…


Well slow shi* is slow...


Anyone as excited to watch The VGA 2010 as I am? Well, mark your calendars… VGA 2010 atau Video Game Award 2010 akan ditayangkan di AXN, AXN beyond, Sony Entertainment Television dan Animax pada tanggal 23 Januari 2011. (Ya hari ini, go watch it damn it!)

Well actually, VGA 2010  sebenarnya telah  ditayangkan pada tanggal 11 Desember 2010– What the @#4%! Yeah that’s right it was broadcasted on Spike TV LIVE but for us who missed it make sure to catch it… today.

Well, first they got 30 categories but I’m not gonna tell you all of it.

Here are the Winner, for:

-Best DLC, Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare

-Best Graphics, God Of War III

-Best RPG, Mass Effect 2

-Best Action Adventure Game, Assasin’s Creed Brotherhood

-Best Shooter, Call Of Duty Black Ops

-Best Multi-Player, Halo Reach

-Best PC Game, StarCraft II Wings Of Liberty

-Best Wii Game, Super Mario Galaxy 2

-Best Xbox 360 Game, Mass Effect

-Best PS3 Game, God Of War III

-Best GAME OF THE YEAR, Red Dead Redemption

StoPlayinGame mengucapkan selamat kepada para pemenang pada VGA 2010!



SPIKE .com

Game Trailers.com


Editor’s note: Ya para pembaca yang budiman, ucapkan selamat datang pada penulis baru, iQube. Dan ngomong-ngomong soal Game of The Year… yeah, kita bakal mengumumkannya mungkin pada akhir bulan Januari ini. So stay tune— Oh and VGA got Neil Patrick Harris! GO EFFIN’ WATCH IT!!

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